How to Lower Cholesterol With the entire country trying to keep an eye on having and maintaining good health, monitoring and keeping your cholesterol level at a healthy number is very important. There is a growing concern regarding how to lower cholesterol and why it should worry you? Let’s cover the basics first; there are two types of cholesterol:

  • Bad Cholesterol- Which is low density lipoproteins (LDL Cholesterol) and these are used to make cell membranes and hormones. Now what occurs when you have too much LDL cholesterol is that it can build up in your arteries. Thus build up of bad cholesterol in the lining of your arteries may form plaque which in turn narrows the arteries and limits blood flow. The problem with this is that plaque could block blood flow to your heart, your brain and other vital organs, reducing their function or shutting them down.
  • Good Cholesterol- Which is your high density lipoproteins (Good Cholesterol) which carry cholesterol away from the arteries to the liver, where the body can eliminate it. The good cholesterol may also be beneficial, providing additional characteristics that help protect your arteries from the unhealthy build up of plaque.

So what do you do? How do you lower cholesterol?

Your diet and exercise can lower your cholesterol however it just isn’t enough on its own for a lot of people to get and keep their numbers at a healthy recommended range.

Eating fiber can also help to lower your cholesterol. There are two types of dietary fiber to be aware of (1) soluble and (2) Insoluble. Both of these are actually good for you, however as far as your bad cholesterol is concerned only the soluble fiber can help lower that. What happens is the soluble fiber found in fruits, whole grains and vegetables assist in blocking cholesterol and fats from being absorbed through the wall of the intestines into the blood stream. According to researchers people who increase their soluble fiber intake can see a drop in their bad cholesterol.

Here is another alternative on how to lower your cholesterol: The Mona Vie Pulse, which is a healthy and nutritional juice beverage. It is formulated with 19 fruits including the anointed super fruit from the Rainforest of Brazil, the Acai Berry. The benefits of this juice are, the Mona Vie Pulse delivers powerful antioxidants to nutritionally support your cardiovascular system. This tasty berry juice has added heart benefits derived from plant sterols [Research studies show this as a key factor in reducing cholesterol]. The Pulse juice beverage also contains omega3, fatty acids and resveratrol. The average serving size is only 2oz. no bulky pills or drugs. This is a healthy alternative to medication and some of the other method, maintain healthy cholesterol levels has never been so easy.

Of course another method on how to lower your cholesterol would be through drug therapy; depending on your situation your physician may put you on some type of cholesterol lowering medication. It is highly suggested that your always consult your physician prior to using any of these methods. Many people like to find different ways to lower their cholesterol and remain healthy. The natural healthy methods are normally what people prefer, however different things work for different people.

Maintaining good health and taking care of your body is essential to living longer, if you would like more information about Mona Vie and the products they offer please contact me.  If You want to see the step by step system I use to build my business and you too can use to build any MLM business, please leave your name, email address and phone number in the box to the right and let’s get you started on building a healthy & wealthy future.

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